Ithaca is a Woman

25 Oct

Ithaca is a woman – she’s moody as shit.

Her mood changes every 5 minutes. She’ll be happy, and bright, and warm when she wakes up in the morning, and then she’ll instantly transform into a storm of rage. In order for you to be her friend, you have to understand this sudden change of environment and be prepared at all times. Ithaca is a very emotional woman. She weeps often, but that sadness allows for her to grow and become beautiful. For about half the year she tortures you with her coldness and doesn’t allow for you to enjoy her natural beauty. But, this torture is accepting to the people that live among her because it makes them more appreciative of  her better months.

In the end, her moodiness is worth everything. When she is joyful, she brings an exuberant amount of happiness to everybody from her bright, contagious smile. She also picks you up in your arms and takes care of you, as a mother would. When you need an escape from reality she provides a place for you to rejuvenate. She then gives love, companionship, and insight to point you in the right direction. Her positive aspects overcome her moodiness by far.

A Bond

12 Oct

I had the best dream last night. Or, maybe I would call it a prized memory I hold deeply in my heart, that was recollected in my sleep.

I was in an open field with tall, golden grass and warm sun. The wind was speeding past me so fast, that I could barely keep my eyes open. But, it was not my legs running powerfully beneath me. Instead, it was the legs of the noble animal carrying me; my horse. There was no presence in the field, but our own. We galloped on like we would never stop because it felt like there was no ending to the spark of energy that aroused us. We could feel each others hearts beating and our hearts synchronized as one.

…this was my childhood, my escape. It is something I value higher than even love.

Nobody understands the incredible bond you can have with a horse, unless you’ve experienced it yourself. I usually explain it by referencing to the movie, “Avatar”.  In the movie, a horse-like creature has to have an avatar connect through it’s tail in order to be ridden successfully. The connection allows the Avatar to communicate to the horse telepathically. The Avatar tells the horse where to go and what to do through its mind and the horse is able to read the Avatar’s mind in order to tell if  the Avatar is trustworthy.

It is fascinating that such a powerful animal can connect with a human-being. When you are riding a horse, it is like you have grown tremendous legs that are twenty times more powerful than your own. A horse knows everything you are thinking through the language of your body, and you feel everything a horse thinks. Horse-back riding is more of an art, than a sport. In the end, the goal is for you and your horse is to become one. Success is really based on how well you communicate with your horse. Patience and responsibility is essential, and you learn that quickly.

Sunday Smile

3 Oct

Lately, I have been spending my Sundays in a very ideal way; relaxing and joyful. They consist of usually staying up all of Saturday night with friends, and then sleeping late until about noon Sunday. I slowly wake up with my lover and we then lay in bed cuddling in each others arms for what seems like ages of time. When we finally decide to get out of bed, we make a delicious brunch and  lay around, once again, with our full bellies. We then go adventuring through the Ithaca woods; exploring the waterfalls and nature (today he picked me up a heart-shaped rock…I was very flattered). When we get back, we  cook a huge meal together and then find some kind of entertainment (a movie, beating/tickling the crap out of each other, licking/spitting on each other, sex/drugs/rock and roll, a drive, stealing friends <- just to name a few) for ourselves. And THEN we finish our day doing a little bit of work.

It’s kind of a perfect day.

Waking Up

1 Oct

Mornings are so beautiful. The lighting from the sun is dim and creates calming tones of color, as opposed to the harsher, more vibrant colors it creates later on in the day. You hear only subtle sounds because the whole world is awakening quietly, just as you are. The air is fresh and cool, but you are so warm under your blankets. If I awake naturally and calmly, I am bound to be in a good mood the rest of the day. Some of my best moments have taken place during the first morning hours.

I love waking up in my own bed after long periods of travel. You appreciate the comfortableness of your bed every time you spend a night away from it. I hate the feeling of waking up and not knowing where I am for a moment. It creates a feeling of uncertainty, causing me to wake up abruptly. But, in your own bed you wake up surrounded by a familiar setting that comforts you and warms your heart.

I love waking up outside. There’s this magical place I know of that I used to go to with my friends. Before we would sleep, we would sit around a campfire for hours, sometimes naked, and unite with each other. We would then set up our hammocks between two trees and sleep under the stars. I loved waking up with the sun in my face and feeling the innocent sensation the woods surrounded me with. The one thing I remember most from this special place was the air. Every breath I took filled my lungs with pure, uncontaminated air. The air at this place was exempt from any pollution because it was so far from any civilization. I have a theory that the air healed your lungs and after you left the place, you were ready to take on any obstacle life gave you.

I love when I stay up for the sunrise. In my eyes, it is still considered morning, and not the end of the night, because even though you have stayed up to this point, the world is just waking up. I once woke up for a sunrise with a guy on the beach. He looked so beautiful because of the way the new-born sun reflected off of his skin. Every sunrise I have seen will be imprinted in my memory forever.

I love waking up next to the one I love. We usually fall asleep in each others arms and then drift away from each other as the night goes on. But, as soon as either of us wake up and find that we are not close to each other, we quickly fix the situation. My favorite position is when I lay my head on his chest and hear his heart steadily beating. I usually wrap my legs around his, while he holds me tightly in his arms. His warm body makes me not want to move from the bed. The morning allows no emotion other than love. I usually still have yet to remember what the reason was (IF there was a reason) that I was bothered the night before because my mind is too tired to think about anything. Even if I do remember, he is easily forgiven because his morning adorableness makes me fall for him harder every day.

The Act of Balancing

23 Sep

Let me share you one of my favorite memories…

One day a close friend and I were walking along some train tracks. He said,

“Katie! let me show you something…balance yourself while walking along the train tracks right now and see what happens.”

So I did. It was a little tricky, as any balancing act normally is and I kept stumbling. He then said,

“Okay, now hold my hand and walk along with me on the train tracks.”

As soon as I grabbed his hand it made the act of balancing so much simpler because we pulled each others weight to balance.

“Katie, this is what a relationship should be like,” he said. “You are supposed to give each other the same exact amount you take and it will make your life more fulfilled. One of the reasons relationships are there, are to make your everyday life easier. It is an act of balancing.”


Ever since I have moved away from my lifetime friends I grew up with, I have been forced to make new friends. While doing this, I have been able to learn more about myself and the way that I deal and interact with relationships. My philosophy of a relationship is based on the laws of balance. It’s all  give and take. If I give you love, companionship, favors, opinions, food, shelter, ect, ]in return, you give me something back that justifies what I have given to you. If not, I feel used and taken advantage of. Which, in return, I will eventually discontinue my inputs and our relationship will dissolve.

When I am somebody’s friend, I will do anything and everything for them. I love doing things for people because I know that when I need a favor from them, they will be there for me. Usually, all I ask in return is their friendship and company. Occasionally though, I would like to be appreciated for what I do. I cannot stand it when people are selfish and expect me to serve them, without any return of the favor.

I’m not sure if this is the best way to approach a relationship, and I am still figuring it out. I have very few friends because I have sorted through the people I know that don’t return favors. But, all of the friends I do have are all incredible friends because of it.

My point is, always consider and appreciate the things people do for you. Society is not here to serve you, you are here to serve society. As Ani Difranco once said,

I do it for the joy it brings, because I’m a joyful girl. Because the world owes me nothing, we owe each other the world.


14 Sep

The level of a “relationship” is much different in other countries than in America. Other countries value building relationships over time and once they develop a relationship with somebody, they are their friend for life. In America, people are usually so consumed within themselves, that they don’t have time to develop a deep, emotional connection with another person. The idea of a “family” in America  is practically instinct, where in other countries it is prominent. The American relationship is very shallow and fake. People would rather be unable to count how many friends they have and consider themselves to be popular, than only be able to count their real, close friends on one hand.

One of the reasons I feel like I am more accepted in Ithaca, is because I have become close with international students, who value relationships much more than Americans. Some of the relationships I have developed are the strongest ones I have ever had. I always felt neglected in high school because most Americans do not feel a need to develop the same level of a relationships that I felt was necessary.

The relationships I have built with my current friends are deeply rooted in my heart. The friends I have now will be my friends for the rest of my life.

The Foreigner

12 Sep

“I don’t know what you smoke, or what countries you’ve been to. If you speak any other languages other than your own,  I’d like to meet you.” – Lisa Hannigan

I never knew how much this song would relate to my future experiences when I first listened to it. I knew I loved it for more than one reason.

When I moved to Ithaca, I quickly learned that I get along with international students SO much better than Americans. I’m not sure if it is strictly because Americans are ignorant and have problems, or it is because I do not agree with the lifestyle Americans live. I’m sure part of the reason I relate to internationals is because they have the same “travel bug” mindset that I suffer from. Or, maybe it is because something about being foreign is interesting and once I hear “Oh, I’m from Rome” or “I’m from Sweden, Mexico, Jamaica, India…ect, ect, ect,” I want to learn everything about the person and their culture.

These friends of mine have shared their experiences with me and allowed me to become less ignorant of the world around me. They are all unique in their crazy, beautiful ways. I can not tell you how grateful I am for  my foreign friends. Each one has given me something (whether it was love, cultural knowledge, or experience) that turned me into a better individual.

I still have yet to learn from them and am excited for the adventures ahead of me. For those who my experiences have ended with, I cherish the moments we shared close in my heart and I can not wait to “see you later!”

People come in and out of your lives; each person leaving behind something special that will stick to your soul and be with you forever.

“Say no more, use your eyes. The world goes and flutters by.” -Jonsi

9 Sep


People are so consumed within themselves, that they are completely out of tune with the world around them. Sometimes your emotions consume you, where all of your thoughts are distracting you from the outer world. Other times, you are so worried about making up your “image” that you don’t realize what your role in society is. The mind is a crazy working thing, moving incredibly fast. When you think inside yourself, you tune out the outer world. This is healthy for the mind, but remember to also tune yourself in with the world around you, while also being in tune with your inner self.

Next time you are walking, lift your head from the ground you are staring at, and observe the life around you. You are not alone, the world  has life coexisting among one another. Just open your eyes and look.

Where I currently stand…

8 Sep

“Ithaca is Gorges!”...ya mean cold?

Yup, that is where I currently stand; in a little town in the middle of New York state, about 3&1/2 hours away from anything.

…but it is so much more than that.

Ithaca has this unique charm about it. It is the home of all kinds of great people. If you are a new-comer, it is a place for you to “find your true identity.” If you are alone, it is where you will “be accepted.” For lovers, it is what you would call  the “perfect place to fall in love.” If you are an artist, it gives you “inspiration.” For the foreigners, it at least gave the United States a better image than what first imagined.

The fresh air, the waterfalls, the millions of leaves that crackle under your feet during autumn, the endless amounts of marijuana, the warmth in your heart, and even the bitter cold winter days all make the Ithaca life a happy one.

This is the place I call home (a term I have not used in awhile).

I am nothing but happy in this life I live. Yes, sometimes tired and cranky, but happy nonetheless. The friends I made here are dear to my heart. Their roots are from all around the world and I learn different perspectives about things every day.

Life takes you down a long, windy path. It swoops you up off your feet and then knocks you back down to the ground. Every turn you make and every different path you take is only leading you to the place where you belong. Regret nothing, and never turn back.